Sharon McMahon: The Small & The Mighty Book Tour

Friday, October 04, 2024
Show 7pm
$26.75 to $46.75



VIP Package to Include:

  • One (1) Premium, Reserved Seat
  • Meet & Greet with Sharon
  •  Photo Opportunity with Sharon
  •  Exclusive VIP merch item
  • Meet & Greet and Photo Opp to occur immediately after the show.


BOOK ADD-ON  ($37)

  • After adding your ticket to the cart, an option to add the book to purchase will be available.
  • Autographed copy of The Small & The Mighty by Sharon McMahon
  • Books will be available for guests to pick up on the night of the show.
Sharon McMahon is partnering with PLUS1 [] for her upcoming book tour. $1 per ticket order will be donated to PLUS 1.

After years of serving as a high school government and law teacher, Sharon McMahon took her passion for education to Instagram, where more than a million people rely on her for non-partisan, fact-based information as “America’s Government Teacher.” In a time where flashy headlines and false information often take the spotlight, Sharon is a reliable source for truth and logic.

Sharon is also the host of the award-winning podcast, Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, where, each week, she provides entertaining yet factual accounts of America’s most fascinating moments and people. In all that she does, Sharon encourages others to be world- changing humans. She has led her community in various philanthropic initiatives that have raised more than $9 million for teachers, domestic violence survivors, terminally ill children, medical debt forgiveness programs, refugees, and more. More information at [].

This fall, Sharon releases her debut book. In The Small and the Mighty, Sharon McMahon proves that the most remarkable Americans
are often ordinary people who didn’t make it into the textbooks. Not the presidents, but the telephone operators. Not the aristocrats,
but the school teachers. Through meticulous research, she discovers history’s unsung characters and brings their rich, riveting stories
to light for the first time.  

Join Sharon for a night of storytelling and conversation as she discusses her book, her journey to becoming “America’s Favorite
Government Teacher” and the lessons we can learn from her cast of improbable champions as we continue on our collective quest to
make the world more just, peaceful, good, and free.


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Phoenix Convention Center

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